Adhesives Industry Terms

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1、Viscosity (Pa. s)
  Viscosity is a physical data that used to measure the size of the viscous force.
2、 Hardness (00-A-D)
  The ability of local materials against the hard objects press into its surface is called the hardness.
3、Broken Elongation (%)
    Materials reach at the elastic limit to withstand the external force, the percentage of its growth length and its original length.
4Elastic Modulus (psi / M Pa)
  Elastic Modulus refers to the Comparison to the materials within the elastic modulus limit and the ratio stress.
5、Linear Shrinkage Rate (%)
   Ratio of the difference between the curing length with the fore-curing length to the two resin cast end of corresponding center line.
6、water absorption (%)
   Water absorption refers to the resin absorbent swelling ability.
7Application for adhesives
    Refer to the adhesives available time of preparation to maintain the performance, generally for two-component adhesives.
8、Lap shear strength (N/mm2)
    Surface of longitudinal tensile lap shear force applied to determine the maximum load the sample can withstand.
9、the peel strength (N/mm2)
    Unit width of the film from the glass surface into a 90 degree or 180 degree peel force required when.
10, Glass transition temperature ()
    Glass transition temperature is maximum temperature for modulus and strength do not be significant changed.
11、The flash point ()
     The flash point refers to the minimum flash point temperature when flammable liquid and vapor flash fire occurs to exposure.
12、The storage period
     Under specified conditions, the adhesives can still maintain its operating performance and provides maximum strength.

     The lead in solder alloy combined with fashion store should be less than 0.1wt%.